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Ever been away from your kids at bedtime and wish you could be there to read them their favorite bedtime story? Read To Kids is an app that uses your voice recording to let your kids hear you read a story when you can’t be there.

Ever been driving your kids and wished there was some way to keep them entertained in the back seat besides watching videos? Read To Kids allows kids to engage in their favorite books while you focus on driving.

Available on the App StoreVersion 1.5 Now available!

Also available in a free Lite version.

The Read To Kids app is a voice recording tool to help you create custom audio books for your children. It includes a simple interface to allow you to add a sound indicator when your child should turn each page. The usage is customizable to allow you to choose from a list of page turn sounds and to set the wait time to allow your child to turn the page.

Uses for the Read To Kids app...
  • Create collections of your kids favorite books.
  • Provide listening entertainment on long road trips.
  • Connect to your voice while out of town.
  • When to record an audiobook...
  • Before your child can read so they can follow the pictures.
  • As your child is learning to read so they can follow the words.
  • Once your child can read so they can record themselves for the future.
  • Read To Kids recordings are not intended to replace reading to your kids in person, but can supplement it.  Read To Kids recordings can help keep your kids connected to books when it is not possible for you to read to them. 

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    Read To Kids recordings can be moved into your iTunes library from your device or by exporting the recordings via email. A simple audio player is included to allow you to listen to your recordings inside the Read To Kids app if you desire.

    * Read To Kids is intended to be used to make "personal use" recordings. Any use of the recordings is the responsibility of the user.

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