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Below are the answers to common questions about the Read To Kids app.
If you have a question that is not addressed or you have found an issue with the app, please contact us at

Tips for making the best sounding recording
Here are some suggestions for creating the best sounding recordings:
  • Sit in a quiet room where you will not be interupted and the background noise is low.
  • Place the device about 1 to 1.5 ft away from you.
  • If sitting at a desk, place it on a desk in front of you and hold the book out beyond the device.
  • If laying down, place the device on your chest and hold the book up in the air.
  • For the iPhone, have it so the home button is facing you, that way the microphone is also facing you.
  • For the iPod Touch, proping the device up might be useful since the microphone is next to the rear-facing camera.
  • The app still records audio from the microphone during the page turn time, so minimize your noise during this time as well.
  • Speak lound and clear but you do not have to yell.
  • Make a few short test recordings to see what setup works best for you before making a full audiobook.
  • If the page turn sounds are too loud in the test recording, turn down the volume using the buttons on your device.

  • Do I have to have the book?
    We think that part of the benefit of your kids listening to the audio books you recorded is that they can follow along with the book while they are listening. So, yes, we recommend you own a copy of each book that you make into an audiobook so your kids can interact with the book as well as listen to the story.

    How long of a recording can I make?
    The length of a recording is only limited by the free space available on your device. Audio recordings use up about 1 MB per minute of recording time. You can check the free space that is available on your device by going to Settings -> General -> About -> Available. Please note that recordings over 15 minutes (15 MB) can not be exported using the email feature. The email feature only works for recordings smaller than 15 MB.

    Do not press the device's Home Button.
    Pressing your device's home button will quit out of the app as soon as the button is pressed. Any information in the app will be lost. If this is pressed while a recording is being made, the recording will be lost.

    Issue with iOS 5.0 (Updated Oct 21, 2011)
    There is an issue with the functionality of Read To Kids Verison 1.0 when used with iOS 5.0. Please upgrade to version 1.2.

    How do I back up my recordings?
    It is always importnant to back up your recordings outside of the Read To Kid app. This can be done two ways.
  • Option 1 - From within the Listen section of the app, choose to listen to the recording you want to export and then use the email icon to send the recording out via email. This will work for any file that is smaller than 15 MB.
  • Option 2 - Copy the recordings out using iTunes, as described below.

  • Moving recordings from the Read To Kids app into your iTunes library
    It is easy to move your recordings into your iTunes library and is recommended so that there is a copy of your custom recordings on your computer, not just on your device. Follow these steps:
  • Sync your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPhone with your computer.
  • In iTunes, select your device from the list on the left, under the "Devices" section.
  • At the top of the righthand window, select the "Apps" section.
  • Scroll down the righthand window to the section titled "File Sharing".
  • Click on the Read To Kids icon in the "Apps" list.
  • In the "Read To Kids Documents" list, click on the recording you would like to transfer into iTunes.
  • Copy this file to your computer, such as to the desktop, by either clicking the "Save to..." button OR by click and dragging the recording name."
  • To add the file into your iTunes library, either go to the "File" menu, choose "Add To Library...", and then navigate and choose the file you just saved OR drag and drop the file from the location where you saved it to the "library" section of the left hand list in iTunes.
  • If in the iTunes preferences, you have the "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" box checked, then you can delete the file you copied to your computer, such as to the desktop.
  • Below is an image showing you what iTunes looks like when you are viewing the app documents for the Read To Kids app.

    iTunes File Sharing
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